Breaking-up and heading offshore

  • 258 Chiens a la derive
  • 256 Montage kayak
  • 250 Passage de flaque
  • 264 Banquet de caribou

Against all expectations, breaking-up was fast.

July 11th: France and the girls are spreading out seaweed on the ice to accelerate the melting between Vagabond and the closest ice edge. Sharing some seal stew with our neighbours at their camp in Aningaatalik.

July 12th: Robbie is picking up his eleven bear skulls that were hanging under Vagabond since last November for cleaning.

July 13th: last family ski trip on the ice.

July 14th: end of GreenEdge.

July 15th: time to prepare Vagabond for sailing. Raining!

July 17th: diving to recover the anchor, giving up because very poor visibility. Chain is dropped with a buoy to find it again later.

July 18th: main sail fixed and hoisted. Vagabond starts drifting with the ice.

July 19th: testing the engines, painting the bow, and building up the kayak, while drifting.

July 20th: while Leonie and I are in town, France tells me by radio that ice broke up around the boat and Vagabond is now free to sail! Leonie and I jump in the dinghy, we have to recover the dogs, the dog house, and the kayaks, still all on the ice... Not long after, everything is on board and we even find again our anchor, thanks to the buoy and the GPS.

July 21st: our dogs are given to Steevie for the summer. Caribou and seaweed feast to celebrate Qikiqtarjuaq's clean-up. Lots of mosquitoes!

July 22nd: Vagabond in Qikiqtarjuaq small harbour.

July 23rd: filling up water, diesel, gas, air (diving tanks) and food. Departure for Greenland.