Getting ready for winter

  • Plongee avec Yves pour changement anodes
  • Goatamie Leelee et Eric fiord du Couronnement
  • Tournage glacier Couronnement
  • Fin d une belle sortie en kayak

Starting the engines, weighing anchor, leaving the village... I rarely sailed solo on board Vagabond. It's pretty exhilarating, even if I'm not going far, just to the other side of the strait that separates Baffin Island from Broughton Island, in the small protected bay where Vagabond will spend a third winter.

On September 19, I embark with Goatamie, Leelee, Lizzi, Sarah, Sheema and the two journalists (TF1) to Coronation Fiord. A beautiful place to speak about the Arctic and its role as sentinel of the global climate.

The weather remains good: perfect for a kayak trip with Yves, who tries an Eskimo roll (!), then a short climb to get photos from the camera installed on the nearby summit, and a dive under the hull to change the propellers anodes.

The weather deteriorates, I am forced to stay on board, time to store and clean. The wind is pushing the drifting ice and I'm not awakened any more by violent and sudden shocks of ice against the hull! The landscape whitens quickly under the fresh snow.

The supply ship arrives and drops anchor not far from Vagabond, sheltering for two days, until conditions permit offloading the numerous vehicles and supplies expected by villagers. The next ship will not come until August 2016.

Our boat is ready for winter, waiting for the sea to freeze. Leaving it at anchor, saying goodbye to our friends, I'm leaving Qikiqtarjuaq for a few weeks. Moved, but happy to meet with Aurore, Leonie and France in Brittany soon.

Stopover in Quebec for four days to discuss with the Green Edge team at Takuvik, to give a talk at Musee of Civilization, and to meet with Valentine and Vincent at their home. They present me Diego, born September 16th. All three are preparing to fly to Qikiqtarjuaq to watch Vagabond during our absence.