Back on board Vagabond as a family

  • Diego et Valentine sur jeune banquise devant Vagabond

We were two persons when we took care of Vagabond in 2013, this time we came back as a family as Diego (8 weeks old) is part of the trip. For the past 10 days, the boat has become his new home, he adapted very fast and seems to enjoy it a lot! Our days (and nights…) are organised depending on Diego’s naps and meals, our trips outside on the sea ice, as well as doing maintenance on the boat.

Those days, the sea ice is freezing up, always a great time of the year! The sun comes out of the mountains only 3 hours per day, northern lights are all over the sky, signs of the start for a new polar night. We were isolated on board for the past 10 days because the sea ice was too fragile to walk to the village. Today, Vincent managed to get there and we will go the 3 of us tomorrow as we can not wait to spend time with our inuit friends!