Christmas Holidays in Qikiqtarjuaq

  • Trois ours viennent de passer
  • Leonie Qikiqtarjuaq 2016
  • Noel 2015 Vagabond
  • Livraison de Noel par maire de Qikiqtarjuaq

January 3rd, 3am: the festivities just end in Qikiqtarjuaq. 3pm: 3 polar bears visit us at Vagabond!

France is telling about Christmas Holidays:

December 17th. The day after the school concert, where we could see Leonie singing and Aurore brilliantly dancing, each one with her class, now they are on holidays. Christmas preparations... Léonie on the sly with Eric goes exploring one of the only two stores in town. Just before the blizzard, an illuminated truck rolls up to our door far from town, with the Mayor, bringing us a Christmas turkey and all its tasty accessories! From December 23rd and for 10 intense days, begin the endless nights where nearly 300 people gather for skill games, chance games or talents games, for hats contests etc. And some mornings for seal or ptarmigan hunting contests, fishing contest into the ice cracks, throwing spear or shooting... And even picking up frozen berries in a fjord without any snow! Ten days made with three times: playing, sleeping, eating. But the blizzard provides us three days of break, precisely to celebrate Christmas: family time in our cosy Vagabond, precious moments are spent playing music together, cooking, entertaining, while outside gusts are blowing around. The new cabin (gift!) will wait a few days outside before being discovered and invested by Léonie and Aurore. The polar bear tracks are multiplying, we look forward to meet their owners... On January 3rd finally, Annu barks for a good cause: 3 polar bears are 30 meters in front of Vagabond in the night. Our search light make them gently turn back. A female and her two cubs, this is a nice gift show, much appreciated by all four of us!

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