Watercolor workshop

  • Outil pour assouplir kamiks
  • Atelier aquarelle anime par France

This week I started a poetic cartography workshop, offered first to the youth committee. In the new visitor center, with 3 young women we shared memories associated with their beautiful area, where they love to go boating or sledding. Then we draw the geographical contours before linking all that with watercolosr. 3 very enjoyable evenings spending to share what I like to create.

If there are magical things in the Arctic, kamiks are one of those: once severe cold was back, I was very disappointed to notice that my kamiks that I put so much energy on making them last year did not support to add the insulation of sealskin inside slippers. So Raygeelee invited me to stretch them! On the wooden stretcher, little bit of water and man power are enough to change size of the magic boots! She is one of the last to wear only kamiks, all her life, her feet only know sealskin. She shows us some of them: those for summer, those for winter, those for interior, some more waterproof and some very decorated, all made with passion and patience.

Leonie is looking forward to February, and the sun is looking forward to show up!