Ice island

  • Ile de glace sud-est de Qikiqtarjuaq
  • Tour de l'ile de glace

For 3 years, the same ice island coming from the Petermann glacier (north west Greenland) stayed aground south of Brougton island. We went all around with Eric on a beautiful day by -25°C, passing by the future ice camp site, by the wonderful neighbour iceberg, and through some rough ice. Some windy swirls get up here and there. The island has changed a bit, one piece was separated, two valleys are heading towards the centre... A polar bear is running away on our arrival; we have a picnic sheltered from the wind south of the island, along an endless wall. Variable heights, a snowdrift allows us to reach the top. Although this is early March, we get stuck in the slush: two snowmobiles and one sled, nearby the island! After a lot of effort pushing, wading, manoeuvring, using ropes, we got out of the slush. Opportunity to check that my kamiks are really waterproof! The circumference of the island is more than 17 km!