A photographer artist

  • Sylvain decolle devant objectif Christian Morel
  • Sarah arrose son jardin pour Christian Morel
  • Sheema la main verte
  • Christian court pour photo

Christian Morel is on board, as part of the artist residency I organized. Every day is a challenge to produce images out of step, with Inuit volunteers, on the theme of sea ice. But every photo shared finally offers a good time, good memories for everyone. "It was fun!" Adrian tells me, after waiting for the train in vain, suitcase in hand on the ice at sunset. Or Sarah watering flowers coming out from the ice, William as a shaman in the middle of a circle of fire, Joy placing her bare feet carefully polish on the snow... Even Leonie and Aurore's friends took part and enjoyed it! A web gallery on Qikiqtarjuaq's website will soon show this work for the community. We will also be able to see these images on Vagabond's website soon.