Sea ice, polar bears, Fulmar and cods from Padloping

  • Mesure epaisseur banquise 450km avril 2016
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  • Mesures banquise devant cap Searle
  • Regal de caribou congele

Every year since 2011, I look forward to welcome our colleague and friend Christian Haas, and to go together for long sea ice survey. This is the highlight of the year in our collaboration to study sea ice. This last four-day trip was up to our expectations: great data on the variability of the thickness of the ice, a stunning stop to the automatic scientific station on the ice island (a huge iceberg), sumptuous landscapes, ten polar bears encountered along our 450 kilometres survey, easy cod fishing, tasting Fulmar, a lot of snow but not too much slush... a fantastic journey shared again with our Inuit friend Jaypootie.