Dismanteling the ice camp

  • Demontage camp de glace GreenEdge2016

Yesterday we dismantled the ice camp, I mean the largest, the big Polar Heaven tent. Only few instruments and the weather mast are still in place.

The cabin-laboratory on sled has been removed since 8 days. The ice is getting fragile, it is now scattered with black holes more than blue melt ponds. A new and very long crack has also opened across our road, between the morning and the evening!

With 9 people, including Jay our guide and Inuit friend, we needed only one day to pack the equipment and bring the tent to our landing beach. Jay used his quad this time on the ice: at least with 4 wheels he said, it will not sink!...

At the end of the afternoon all this equipment and two skidoos were back and stored in town. The day ended with a barbecue, all together, with the girls who stayed in town. Later in the evening we came back by dinghy using the GPS in a heavy fog. We had to leave our small boat outside of our bay due to the drifting ice, almost invisible, then we walked the last kilometer on the ice: Vagabond was just guessable at 200m!