Arrival in Greenland

  • Equipage Vagabond ete 2016

This year, the big transition went very smoothly: in 7 days we went from frozen ocean - end of mission to Greenland! In the meantime, the anchor came up effortlessly right before our ice span began its usual drift. The Green Edge mission ended beautifully with the final data collection and the instruments recovered with the airboat. Once in the harbour, Yves managed to re-shape and weld Vagabond's new bow: a hard day of work for him and a memorable day for Vagabond who got her noze back! The very next evening we were sailing, our family crew along with our friends Celine and Yves.

After some 24 hours of making our way through big ice chunks without ever getting stocked and an additional day of navigation in free-of-ice water we've reached Aasiaat in a total of 48 hours. The whales were there, blowing to welcome us.

The watches in the ice kept their magical touch. Yves and Celine learned about this kind of navigation, sensitive as we are to all this beauty. Slowly getting used to the open sea again, Léonie is still amazed not to have been sick!