Meeting people in Igloolik

  • Vagabond a Igloolik

"Hi Eric!": what a surprise to meet again with Matt at the Northern store, he was working at Qikiqtarjuaq's before. On the beach, it is Martin who comes to greet us, he is starting a big construction job here. We have been sharing the same building in Qikiqtarjuaq during the GreenEdge project.

On the beach again, a couple on his quad is offering us the DVD of Atanarjuat (2001). This film written and played by Inuits, was made by Isuma, first Inuit owned film production company, based in Igloolik!

A few days ago, there was a great show from ArtCirq, local circus created by Guillaume Saladin (a cousin!), and Kalabante, musicians from Guinea! I wish I was there, a chance to share with La Batook stories...

Simon, the hunter who came to welcome us at anchor, is telling us how he drove back Mike Horn to the spot where he had his tent burnt, once he was ready to carry on his expedition around the Arctic. Mike told us about it when we met in Barrow, Alaska, a few months later, in August 2003.