Clams in Brittany

  • Jean-Marc et Eric pechent araignées
  • Eric_et_Jean-Marc_baie_de_Morlaix
  • Peche_du_13_mars
  • Jean-Marc et France en baie de Morlaix
  • Jean-Marc attrappe une clams
  • Kayak en baie de Morlaix

No pack ice in Brittany, where Vagabond's crew is spending the winter, but clams: the Mye Truncata, the same species as the one fished under sea ice near Qikiqtarjuaq, for the last three years, for GreenEdge. And also scallops, spider crabs... happy kayaking and fishing trips in the bay of Morlaix, thanks to our friends Josée and Jean-Marc.

Replay the France3 TV documentary about clam fishing by local divers in Qikiqtarjuaq.