A break in Ecuador

  • Tungurahua depuis Ambato

Aurore (7 years old), Léonie (10 years old), France Pinczon du Sel and I are in Ambato, in Ecuador, to collaborate with seismic and volcanic risks prevention. A mission organized by La Guilde, Ecuasol and the European Union, from August 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2018.

More about this project:

A blog (in French): Vagabond / Latitude Zero

The website of the NGO in Ecuador: [Ecuasol] (http://ecuasol.org/es/que-hacemos/)

Information about La Guilde and EU Aid Volunteers: La Guilde

During this mission that takes us far from the Arctic, our polar sailboat Vagabond is on land in Miquelon. Since 2000, Vagabond has hosted more than 40 scientific programs, did 11 overwinterings, and traveled 60,000 miles in the Arctic.