Vagabond's godmother is gone

France keeps the marvellous memory of the energetic woman, in love with the Arctic like us, going so far as to brave with her daughter Sabrina and her cat Pungo her dreams of freedom. She was an amazing mom!

I like to tell the story when she met in the Northwest Passage with our Russian friends, the crew of Apostle Andrey, for whom women and black cats are unlucky on board a boat. She bluffed more than one!

We are sad with everyone who has admired Mic's audacity and enthusiasm to live her dreams, and to share them. Godmother Mic, that's how she was coming to us, I was proud! She took her role very seriously!

I will never forget her welcoming in Saint-Quay-Portrieux on October 13th, 2003, when we were returning from circumnavigating the Arctic. She was coming towards us aboard her sailing ship Nuage, what an emotion.

Later, I enjoyed playing for our girls the songs she wrote for her family embarked on a sailboat, "To go to America, it is necessary to cross the ocean...".

Her book Alaska Dream is still aboard Vagabond, indispensable.

Before sailing away at 42, Michèle Demai was a famous television announcer.