Vagabond awaiting for her crew in Miquelon

  • bond a Miquelon ete 2018

Jacky gives us some news of Vagabond, on land in Miquelon until April 2019: "The summer was not beautiful, mist, rain and wind, it's only been nice since mid August; June and July were catastrophic, even though until then nothing had moved on the boat. But in the first half of August, the big wind generator fell down, it's the aluminum tube that broke, and it only has 2 blades left. Otherwise nothing has moved. The other boat that was next, left in May to sail through the Northwest Passage, but they had to turn : they could not pass, she should arrive in a few days and spend the winter here."

Indeed, the Northwest Passage will not open this year. The Canadian Coast Guard asked the ships, small and large, to turn around. The season was not easy, with sinking and grounding ... Where are we going?

As for our friends aboard Babouch'ty, on September 9th they reached the small village of Sachs Harbor on Banks Island, in the Northwest Territories, Canada, after 83 days between ice and ocean!