Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, by Aurore Brossier

  • Aurore chez Layla a Miquelon
  • CM1 et 5eme a bord de Vagabond

We arrived in Miquelon by plane. We met VAGABOND!!! Everything was fine except some stuff (windmill, radar, etc ...). Léonie and I went to the school-college in Miquelon. For 10 days we had fun with our new friends. Layla even invited me to sleep at her home. We watched the launch of the boat with the school-college. It was moving. At Easter, we went for a walk. We did kite flying and looked for eggs. We had a lot of fun. Then we went to Saint-Pierre. The short cruise lasted 5 hours. We made a talk at the Cultural and Sports Center. And we started the French school-college at the boat.