St John's, Newfoundland

  • Christophe Leonie peinture
  • France le 4 mai 2019 devant le port de St-John-s

At 9am this Wednesday morning, we leave the very protected port of St John's, the end of an busy technical stop. Vagabond is ready for the next mission, heading to Greenland!

It has been ten days of work and revisions of all kinds: paints, engines, diving equipment, bilge pumps, fire extinguishers, navigation lights... and even setting up a brand new radar, since its predecessor has given up. The multi-beam sonar arm, which will be used during the month of August, was designed and tested with the help of Kirk and Andrew. Thanks to Dana and Patrick we met the day we arrived in St John's, we enjoyed their huge and beautiful pick-up to get all our supplies. Thanks also to Rick from Ocean Quest and his daughter Jill, Tony from Atlantic Electronics, Jerry the Marine Insultant, Ben for his cookies... not to customs for keeping our bottles. The entire crew was busy, under the expertise of Christophe, and Ronan joined us Sunday night for two weeks.

Vagabond had not stopped in such a large city since 2011; a population as welcoming and helpful as fog and icebergs are present!