Ipiutaq, first stop in Greenland

  • Ipiutaq et Vagabond depuis montagne 700m

Very nice reunion yesterday with our friends Ina, Agathe and Kalista, at Ipiutaq farm, near Narsaq, South Greenland. It is the high season of births, and the sheeps need all their care! But they are happy to have a break and visit us for an evening on board Vagabond. Then Aurore and Leonie join them for the night watch in the sheepfold; it's also a chance to sleep on land with their friend Ina (12 years old).

After these great shared moments, and some nice hikes around, we end up leaving without our daughters. Further in the fjord, in Narsarsuaq, Ronan and Christophe have a flight tomorrow morning, while the next crew will arrive a few hours later, Christian and his 3 trainee photographers.

Quite hard to believe that we are already in Greenland, we never started a season so early! The nature is beautiful, when winter is just over, very enjoyable after 5 days sailing from Newfoundland. At first there was some swell, and some hard time. But on the other side of the Labrador Sea, we had an incredible arrival. Listening to Eric Clapton, while sailing over Erik's Ridge (The Red), that was nice on Saint Eric's day!

Vagabond was back in her world. Well, the current was up to 2 knots, trying to push us to the West, and the freezing fog didn't help either, but we were happy to be sailing in the ice again, under the moonlight and with no wind. It was all about finding our way to the Greenland coast, crossing the drifting pack ice coming from the East coast with the currents. Tired but delighted, we entered the fjords on Sunday 19th in the morning, at last. Girls were smiling like the sun, warming us up. Yes, we missed all that a lot and we feel real happiness being back in the Arctic for a new mission.