Meetings in Disko Bay

  • Aurore aime La Louise
  • Vagabond et Le Manguier pour solstice d ete

After one month of coralline mission, technical adventures to overcome the snorting of our compressor and narghile, the scientific teams are happy and we finally arrived at the bay of the meetings:

1- Le Manguier. Appointment made in Akunaq based on a small island, on National Day, June 21st. We didn't have any opportunity to meet since the North East Passage in 2009, on the tug boat now reconverting into artists residences. Philippe Hercher the captain felled in love with Greenland, we are happy to spend time with him again. This Manguier is still poetic.

2- At Ilulissat it's Thierry Dubois, on La Louise, who takes the moorings. Happy reunion! I have known him for 25 years for having sailed on his 60 feet Amnesty International while Thierry was racing on the Vendée Globe, Route du Rhum, Tour of Europe... Built with his hands, his schooner La Louise is beautiful. His charter program is very intense but it matches his character, always as lively. He has also enjoyed this high latitudes for 9 years.

3- At Oqaatsut, just further north we find Atka, Ben and his sons who have wintered here. There is also Julien who lives in the village with wife and children, for 15 years in Greenland. More extraordinary characters, with lot of incredible lives stories, it is like a breath of fresh air and enthusiasm that everyone on board fully enjoy!

After the north wind, we will leave...