Week-end in Grise Fiord

  • Vagabond au mouillage devant Grise Fiord

Friday, July 26th, late in the afternoon, we first meet with Amon and Neevee, while we sail around a few square kilometers last sea ice floe, not far from Grise Fiord. Being back in this community, that has been welcoming us for 2 years (2011-2013), is very emotional. Hard to believe that it has been already six years since we left... but our friends can tell by the sizes of Aurore and Leonie, for sure they grew up quite a bit! Liza and Aksakjuk are on the beach to welcome us, also Imoshee. Later we meet with Annie and Larry, Susie and Jeffrey, Geela and Jimmy, Tivai and Raymond, Kavavow... what a pleasure to see each other again.

Time to do our custom formalities and entry to Canada, easily by phone from the local police office, and we meet with the next scientific team, that has just arrived as well, with a few hundreds of kilos of equipment! Maya Bhatia, Dave Burgess and Erin Bertrand are boarding Vagabond the following day for 3 weeks, after having selected what they need the most. First objective, hydrographic profiles and water samples in front of Jakeman Glacier, where we were stuck in drifting pack ice two days ago...

There is still a lot of ice in front of Grise Fiord, Vagabond is taken away from anchorage or is drifting around, depending on wind and tides. The breaking-up seen from the summit of the Greenlander, above Grise Fiord and above the entrance of the nearby fiord, is absolutely fascinating.

We meet again with local wildlife, enjoying a real festival: walruses on ice floes, narwhals just in front of the village, muskox in Fram Fiord, many groups of harbour seals, and always a lot of birds.