First week onboard

  • Light painting petites vagabondes
  • Retrouvailles avec Vagabond

Georges, the Pilatus pilot, did a good job with a technical flight due to the cold weather. It was -35°C when we arrived in Arctic Bay so he stayed only half an hour not to let the Pilatus freezing, before to take off with Louis who as replacing us on board Vagabond. No long handover of instructions, but just enough time to sing Happy Birthday to Louis for his 30th birthday and share his birthday cake with friends at the airport!

After four months of absence we find Vagabond almost unchanged, a bit more ice inside and nothing but white all around. Sumptuous. We organize ourselves in this cold that we must get used again. A major difference with the other years: we are three girls and a boy but it's not Eric, unfortunately kept on the Polarstern icebreaker with no fixed return date, much further north than us!

Christian, the first artist in residence on Vagabond this year started and ... amazes aficionados of the Facebook page of the village with his light painting photos: the "models" hurry to take their turn! And ourselves, we shift towards the night that Christian needs for his photos, night that goes back 10 minutes each day. On board we take our rhythm, French school in the morning, before some tours in town where the inhabitants of Arctic Bay warmly meet us again.

After half a dozen nights at -39 ° C, the days are not pretty hot and we still don't stay outside for hours at a time;)