Alone on board

  • Aux falaises embrumees
  • Maud Mathurin Christian Leonie et ananas du pole nord
  • Chant de gorge en peignat devant un comedien et un photographe

In Arctic Bay all is fine, the Corona virus (Covid 19) is spreading slowly, people here know about it thanks to Internet. They don't see it like an obstacle, but more like something big, but they don't panic, they stay calm. We don't know exactly when neither how dad will come back... It's hard but we keep hoping and we think he will be on priority. Christian (photographer) who joined us since the beginning, left on March 20th together with Maude and Mathurin (actors) who where supposed to stay until March 28th. It is strange to find ourselves alone, three of us, so quickly. Initially, this was suppose to happen after Maude and Mathurin departure... No!!! Not even!!! Never because dad was suppose to be back 2-3 days after Christian and us...