Back to Sverdrup and Belcher glaciers

  • 2139 Mouillage glacier Belcher ©EB
  • 1549 Mise a l eau mouillage Belcher ©France Pinczon du Sel
  • 1507 Jeremie remonte bouteille Niskin ©EB
  • 1606 Leonie labo Vagabond ©France Pinczon du Sel

Coming back from north, a bit in a hurry, we decide to go directly to Sverdrup glacier on the north coast of Devon Island, for the planned hydrographic stations. But the weather conditions with up to 35 knots wind gusts prevent us from heading towards the glacier, which is no longer sheltered at all. Vagabond runs for about fifteen nautical miles more before to find a temporary shelter; then we leave again and finally discover a better shelter five miles away! Waiting is part of the game, we take advantage of it by stretching our legs, having a picnic on land and observing the sea condition from higher.

Back to Sverdrup glacier, we carry out two transects with CTD stations and various filtrations. Megan and Jennifer are back to it and it takes even more time with a broken hand pump ... But in two days without stop, it's done! Before heading back to Grise Fiord, we take and filter some water from the glacier, what a pleasure to walk on rock and ice! Two young scientists in Grise Fiord are waiting for this sample water, as well as for our Vagabond to do more sampling in front of the village. On the other side of Jones Sound therefore, we embark Maria and Patrick for 5 hours of sampling which turn into 14 hours. And it will take them almost two more days non-stop to finish treating all this water without delay.

We quickly prepare our departure to the Belcher Glacier. Jeremie embarks everything necessary to deploy another oceanographic mooring, including some curious engine parts, as heavy as one could wish, found at the dump to serve as ballasts. Jennifer does not re-embark, but everyone will lend a hand. Night shifts. The next day, conditions are perfect. We go straight to the good shelter spotted the previous year with the family to complete the preparation of the scientific mooring. And the next morning, splash! Everyone is happy, the launch was smooth. The glacier is magnificent, we start the filtration again under the direction of Megan, still surrounded by brash or icebergs; glacier is carving... luckily we have already passed the place! The last evening we take advantage of the still sunny night for a walk on the glacier.