Saint-Satur (Sancerre)

  • Anniversaire France avec Celine

Long sailing days, yesterday and today, under the rain... Countryside is very green! A bit less than forty kilometres have been done with diesel engines during these two days, because no sun, no electricity to charge batteries.

For France's birthday last night, Céline was the unexpected guest! Candles, wood fire, champagne and cake!


  • Pont canal au-dessus de la Loire

Ecotroll left canal du Centre, then crossed the river Loire to reach canal latéral à la Loire. Tonight, we are in the country side, not far from the little village of Beaulon (Auvergne).


  • Ecotroll traverse le Charolais

Ecotroll is at Digoin for a few days work. 64 locks and 254 km from Lyon, including 230 km done with electric engines. Batteries are charged during the night, with 220V available at harbours, in addition to solar energy received during the day.


  • Ecluse canal du Centre

301 meters altitude. The highest point of the trip from Lyon to Greenland! Reached today, before stopping further down in Montceau-les-Mines. Now, Ecotroll is sailing down to the Ocean...


  • Aurore enchantee par navigation fluviale

Since Ecotroll left Lyon, she has been sailing on diesel engine during two hours only. Electric engines were used for the rest of the trip. Today, we left river Saône to enter Centre canal. Large curves of the river are replaced with narrow locks. It is sometimes amazing to sail over railways or roads! Today, 32 km and 16 locks from Chalon-sur-Saône à Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune! To sail the Bourgogne canal, we would have had to remove wind generators and radar. Going through Centre canal, Loire canal, Briare canal, and Loing canal, there is 3,50m headroom (40cm more). Also, we are saving 59 locks to reach river Seine. Stop in Paris plan from 15 to 20 May.

Grand départ

  • Carnaval Ecotroll
  • Leonie Europe1

Great party yesterday, for Ecotroll departure. Between the new waterfront in Lyon Confluence, and Quay Rambaud along river Saône, guests could discover the amazing ship, under wonderful sunshine. Most excited visitors, as Gérard Collomb, mayor of Lyon, and Catherine Chabaud, godmother of Ecotroll, had opportunity to sail, without noise, enjoying the electric engines. When the sun was about to set, La Batook was there with her new show: for the first time, projects of both Brossier brothers, Eric and François, were meeting together ! It was then time for talk and cocktail for everyone.

France and me just got the license to navigate on waterways, we are ready to start, heading north!


  • Lyon premiere nuit a bord

Ecotroll arrived in Lyon this morning! While we were letting Vagabond at Brest Harbour, where she will be quietly waiting for us until Autumn, Ecotroll was sailing up the river Rhone... Amazing to meet with her this morning on river Saône, and especially to steer her across old Lyon! Tonight, Aurore and Léonie are sleeping peacefully in their new cabin, France and me are enjoying Ecotroll's large and comfortable saloon. Departure party will be Friday, with a show from La Batook! Then, heading to Greenland...

Read today's Telegramme article.

Brest !

  • A contre courant dans le chenal du Four

On that Easter Sunday, Vagabond entered the Moulin Blanc harbour! 1714 Nautical Miles in 18 days to go from Tromsø to Brest, the home towns of Léonie and Aurore: the two ship's girls were on the pier, tonight, with France, to welcome their Vagabond... They have never seen her so far from the Arctic!