Vagabond, finally!

  • Retrouvailles avec Vagabond

Nine months since we left Vagabond in Goose Bay. Each of us four is moved to climb aboard. At first glance, nothing has moved, except the thermometer sliders indicating that the temperature inside the boat has fluctuated between -27°C and +29°C. Soon we will know if there are consequences...

Montreal - Goose Bay

  • Pilotes Pilatus
  • Depart de Montreal avec Luc et Georges

It is in Pilatus that we get to Labrador. Memorable flight from Montreal, three hours in the company of our pilots Luc and Georges who invite us in the cockpit each in our turn. Exceptional experience!

Big departure!

  • Lanton

Yesterday the house was rented and the car sold! Emotion leaving our friends from Brittany. Our long stay in France ends. We leave for new horizons for a year and a half... Starting with family, formalities and training for three days in Paris, then heading to Canada to meet again with Vagabond.

Successful trip around Bylot Island!

  • Equipe Ile Bylot 5 Mai 2017
  • Equipe Ile Bylot 24 Avril 2017

28 days to ski around Bylot Island: David Reid (Scots and Canadian, expedition leader), Ingrid Ortlieb (German, living in Spain), Martin Garcia (Basque Spanish and Canadian), and myself (scientist of the expedition), have travelled nearly 500 km in autonomy, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Canada, with the help and protection of four dogs, sometimes on sea ice very rough and with many polar bears!

On May 9, we returned to our point of departure, Pond Inlet, an Inuit village north of Baffin Island in Nunavut, in the Canadian Arctic.

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