L'équipage de l'expedition Nord-Est

Sailing along the Northern Sea Route does not only require good sailing and navigation skills. In the Arctic full independency of a boat is an absolute nesessity. Repair and maintenance work on board, therefore, have great importance, as well as the reliability of equipment and crew. The crewmembers spirit is just as important in Arctic conditions as their skills.

This Northern Sea Route sailing expedition is supposed to be performed independently, without help of Arctic ice-breakers. To sail through the ice a constant concentration and watch is needed, 24 hrs a day. We were 5 people on board. A basic crew of 3 navigators with a strict working rythm is an absolute necessity to assure safety of the boat. All crewmembers are taking care of the maintenance of the boat itself, the communication and the reporting in writing, film and photographs.

A truly European Crew !

Eric BROSSIER, French, captain of Vagabond, initiator and leader of the expedition, in charge of relations with sponsors and media. Engineer and geophysicist by profession.

France PINCZON DU SEL, French, first mate of VAGABOND in charge of navigation, security matters, sails and foodsupplies and production of watercolors. By profession a marine designer and illustrator. Has participated in the Antarctic expedition on board Pen Duik III Is indispensible for her funny humour and ability to keep spirits up high.

Gérard GUERIN, French, boiler-maker, cameraman and a certified paramotor pilot (hanggliding). Has lived for many years in the Canadian and Greenlandic arctic and is an experienced musher (sledge-dog-runner).

David, Jacques et Samuel DUCOIN, French, all cameramen and professional photographers whose main responsibility on board will be to make the film of the expedition, for French TV channel France 5, coming out in spring 2003. They are taking turns from each other.

Boris Anatolievitch VOLNIJ, Russian, former ice pilot for the Northern Sea Route, retired (70 years old !), on board to keep the best relations with the Murmansk Shipping Company, more than to watch out for ice...

Karen MULDERS, Dutch, a specialist in Siberian nations. She speaks Russian and she supports some official procedures in Murmansk. She is part of the crew until Dikson.

Reko-Antti SUOJANEN, Finn, naval architect, specialist in arctic technology working for Kvaener Masa-Yards (Finland) Has travelled along the Northern Sea Route in 1994 on board of the M/T Lunni as a diesel mechanic.

Because of his work, Reko is not part of the crew finaly, but is helping with ice forecast from his office in Helsinki.