"17:00 and my pick up crew has just arrived. Tomorrow we will drive back and tonight will be my last on board Vagabond stuck in the ice. The last three weeks have been extremely -fantastic -interesting, -silent, -fun, -cold and sometimes a bit scary. I will definitely miss this bay, the boat and all the beautiful moments, but most of all I will miss the sledging trips with Sanja, Jin, Frost and Imiaq! Goodbye Ingelfieldbukta and Vagabond. Now...I'm really looking forward to a nice warm shower and a cold beer! Cheers, Helle"


"The lesson of today: if you want to chaise a bear away by shouting, don't use Finnish. This might encourage the bear to come closer! Luckily Helle had some effective Danish swearwords to save us. Half an hour after the visit of the bear, we were happily surprised to get a visit from two police officers on a inspection and tracking trip. Coffee and cookies seemed to help for the disappointment we caused by telling Inglefieldsbukta is definitely the wrong place to look for thiefs. After this action packed morning all five (girls and dogs) were enjoying a sledge trip in today's 10 minutes of sunshine on the sea ice of the bay! Helle and Sanja"


"Who said that you can not get sea sick in a boat frozen in the ice? Because of the temperature dropping down to -27 Celsius degrees yesterday, the ice was expanding and causing the boat to tilt slightly. It's probably not more than couple of centimetres, but for sure we do have to go downhill to the kitchen now! Helle and Sanja"

Retour du soleil !

"From the blue moment around noon, that we had in the time of our arrival two weeks ago, the day has got longer and longer. In the beginning of this week the blue time reached the 8 am weather observation and today finally the sun climbed over the horizon. By careful planning of timing our expedition exactly managed to catch the first 30 seconds of the returning sun. It was an euphoric sunny moment and definitely worth bringing both sunglasses and sun lotion! What a great moment on Teiknarneset! The ice edge is kilometres out in Storfjorden now. Yesterday's scientific expedition of two frozen girls in minus 25°C and three inpatient dogs revealed ice thickness's up to 1 meter in the middle of Inglefieldbukta. Helle and Sanja"

de Helle et Sanja

"Three days with no wind at all, have touched us with the impressive variations of the sounds of the sea ice. Several times we have been sure that a polar bear was playing basket ball with the scooter or that polar pirates were shooting at us with cannons...Sanja tested the strength of the same fascinating substance by trying to make a hole for swimming. After an hour of effort she decided to have a traditional Finnish slush bath instead. Helle was meanwhile very busy studying in a traditional Danish way...inside in the warmth! Helle and Sanja"

de Helle et Sanja

"During breakfast yesterday we had two bears at the boat. This is more effective to wake up than coffee! The first went to sleep behind our drinkingwater-reservoir iceberg:-\ until the second came and chased him away. Beautiful view with the two bears in front of the glacier wall! Today, great long sledging trip to the ice edge...we realised how remote we actually are...strange feeling but we enjoy it a lot! Hilsen fra, Helle & Sanja"