de Helle et Sanja

France and I are in Tromso for a couple of weeks, here are the latest news from the boat: "After waving goodbye to the helicopter with Eric and France, we were stroked by a strange atmosphere of total silence and responsibility for the dogs and the boat. The evening went by fine though with cosy dog time and afterwards lots of Swiss chocolate brought by the helicopter  :-). Yesterday has been very white, since we had a snowstorm all day. We hope better weather for today to finally go dog sledging and discover the surroundings of the small Vagabond-bay. It seems that the polar bears are not interested at all of our company: still waiting for the first visit from our furry neighbours. Hilsen fra, Helle & Sanja"


Without shovel, we wouldn't be much up here. We have been using them all day: digging out the dinghy to put it on land before pack ice would swallow it up, recovering 2 dog houses stuck to the permafrost under one meter of wind packed snow, and often taking out the snowmobile from getting stuck...

International evening on board yesterday: Elin from Norway, Sanja from Finland, Helle from Denmark, Sébastien from Switzerland, and France and me.


A lot of snow these last days, and a sky too cloudy to enjoy the full moon. The light is there at midday, but nevertheless, we must wait 2 more weeks to see the sun rising. The first team is on the way, we are expecting her this morning, we didn't see anybody since last year ! Elin and Seb are driving Sanja and Helle who will stay on board for about 3 or 4 weeks. 4 of them are working at UNIS, the university of Longyearbyen (