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The new balloon, conveyed to Longyearbyen by Edolone's crew last month, arrived with us, by snowmobile, on 10th January. At least, after few days preparation, inflated with helium, he could take off for the first flight. What an amazing view to see it disappearing in the night! Only the red leds from the weather sensors are visibles without the head lamp. Under the tent, by the oil lamp light, I had to use the hair drier to warm up the radio receiver, to get the valuable data, in real time. -23°C and no wind on the ground, -13°C and 40 km/h of wind at 1200 meters altitude...

Petites habitudes

  • Collecte de glace

Breaking ice, keeping the stove, feeding the dogs, doing the weather report, running the generator for two hours... naturally we went on with our daily routines. I was looking forward to be back on board, and it was really great to find Vagabond kept in so good condition. Luckily, for 3 days, moon and northern lights were offering us a beautiful festival, on our best pack ice. For now, with her little head lamp, Léonie is above all happy visiting the dogs, looking after our small camp.

Retour à la maison...

  • France Leonie Eric 11 janvier 2009

"Back home... This is with a strong emotion that we have seen the headlights coming closer from the back of the bay with the light of a beautiful full moon. We hadn’t seen people for three months and it was amazing to welcome six people on-board. It was a pleasure to see the Léonie’s happiness finding again her « home boat » and to share a meal with so much things to tell about. After a short night, it was time to leave France and Eric alone to their turn in this wonderful place. Three guides on snowmobiles have driven us during 4 hours through the snow-capped valleys and glaciers with a temperature of -35°C, so the lights of Longyearbyen have been welcome! We have left Vagabond and our friends the dogs with some unforgettable pictures and emotions. Before our return in France we are lucky to stay for one week in Svalbard, living at Anton and Priitta’s home. We are helping them to take care of their fifty sledge dogs. How great it is to drive a dog team! We than k Eric and France who gave us the opportunity to live this extraordinary experience on board Vagabond and they know that if they need, it would be no problem for us to go back on-board…" Amélie, Hervé et Nael.

Changement d'équipe

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  • Leonie et France au revoir Nael et Amelie

Despite the cold (-33°C) and the 4 hours by snowmobile, to go to Vagabond, Léonie (2 years old) was suddenly very exciter to find her boat and the dogs! And Nael (5 years old) was very happy to make her laugh by telling stories, after 3 months on board... The "pal" left today with his parents, Amélie and Hervé, under a great full moon, escorted by our 3 friends guides, Erik, Sveinenung and Tommy.