Changement de bord !

  • Le Manguier et Vagabond a Tromso
  • Changement de bord
  • Vagabond a Liland

After 3 days stop in Tromsø, next to Le Manguier, Vagabond sailed to her mooring location at Liland, 200 km further south. This is where our yacht will wait patiently, while we are going north again on board Le Manguier. The 10 crew members are now all together on board the former tug boat, heading for Bering Strait! Our final destination is Japan, via the North-East passage, the same route we took in 2002 with Vagabond. You can follow this journey on the blog and the website of Le Manguier.

The fifth and last wintering of Vagabond is to relive every week on Sailing News, in 13 episodes.

Le fils de Robert

  • Le fils de Robert

Very good sailor, Robert's son helped us to accomplish the second half of this navigation, from Bear Island to Tromsø, north of Norway. Really good weather and sea conditions, wind from 10 to 35 knots, waves not too huge, the two Yanmar engines in prime shape thanks to the washing up done during last stop.

Despite a couple of failures, Robert's son did his job the nicest way, allowing us to sail up to Le Manguier, boat that will host Vagabond's regular crew for one more arctic navigation up to Japan.

All the crew is now resting, and is in good shape, while young sailors are preparing themselves to go back to their regular activities, some invisible but heavy changes having been done on the numeric web tightening Vagabond to the rest of the world. (Soifran)

Où est l'Ours ?

Don't believe travel agencies. It's too common to see lost tourist in search of bears, which gave its name to the island located between Spitsbergen and north of Norway. No bear, but thousands of birds organised into colonies ; Atlantic puffins, northern fulmars, common guillemots and black-legged kittiwakes make that island a better destination for ornithologists than for bears lovers. (Soifran)

Ciao Inglefield

  • coupzydon

17th July. After the decision was taken, all went faster. Chain cleaned as new, life-saving ropes installed, dishes and personal belongings stored, sails ready, motors verified. It was not an easy decision to take; you let a piece of yourself when you leave a place where you have been leaving for five years. Cutting the ropes that attach you to the bay moves you. We are now sailing to Tromsø, where Vagabond will spend the summer. (Soifran)


  • Celebration depart

Better wait than hurry, that's what we hope. Two hundred meters of rope into the ice, and eighty meters of chain, to be washed piece by piece, are the last links tying us to the little Inglefield bay, where Vagabond is finishing his fifth and last wintering. Emotion was celebrated on the beach with fireworks. Later young sailors were learning knots on board. Will we be leaving tomorrow? (Soifran)