Beaucoup de neige

After 3 days of bad weather, temperatures close to zero, and a lot of snow, it was today possible to go for or usual CTD casts. But there is so much snow that our snowmobile can only take one person, and it is also necessary to pull a sledge with the equipment for the experiments. Also I went alone with everything needed, without forgetting snowshoes in case the snowmobile had a breakdown! I still managed to get stuck 3 times, a lot of work to get out and keep going. Results are worth these efforts as we can see brines from 15 m deep till the bottom (about 90 m at each of the 2 visited locations)! To know more about what is going on under sea ice in the middle of the Storfjord, unreachable with snowmobiles because of too many hummocks, a helicopter flight is planned in 2 weeks time, when the oceanographers in charge of the program will be back. For now, it's snowing again!