Very nice weather for the last 4 days, permanent daylight, pleasant temperatures and great snow, we are going around on skis or with the snowmobile, sometimes with the dogs, sometimes with the scientific equipment, climbing the glaciers and the summits, or going on our preferred icepack in the Storfjord; we are enjoying spring. And not only us, as shown by our dogs, lying in the sun for hours, or by the many foxes prints, such a shy animal, also by the reindeers, crossing now and then the nearby moraine, or by the 9 skiers who visited us yesterday morning... not forgetting this polar bear, the most curious, who went close to Vagabond without scaring the dogs (they didn't bark!), and who woke us up climbing on the front of the boat (8:20 Friday, reasonable time)! The horn didn't disturb him, but when I hit the double window, while he was just behind, he got scared and went down, then towards the back of the boat. Very curious but not aggressive, he came at less than 2 meters from the dogs without worrying them. Anyway France sent him a big banger to scare him, he ran away at once, superbly agile in the deep snow, outline against the sunlight on the moraine. In a few moments, the new team arriving will discover the nice prints he left us along the hull.