Just before the arrival of the new team, Sunday afternoon, we could watch for a long time a polar bear close to Vagabond: he first destroyed the tent, where is stored some scientific equipment, then he suddenly came towards us. 2 bangers and 2 flares were needed to stop him, but not enough to scare him away. The polar bear was wearing a collar and is probably followed by satellite by some biologists; he finally left, much more serenely than the one last Friday. Our Dutch friends Marina and Mark, who have been living in Longyearbyen for the last ten years, and who wintered on board their sailing boat Jonathan 2 years ago in the north-west part of Spitsbergen, stayed with us until this morning. We are now 5 for the rest of the week, with Florent, ice expert, his guide Stefano, and Anne, artist, who came to Spitsbergen to take her inspiration from the return of the light since the end of the polar night. Temperatures are increasing slowly, sun is warm, and snow is becoming wet.