The dogs, onshore since we arrived, woke us up this morning, barking after a polar bear who was approaching a bit too much. So we know that our new companion, Ymiak, is efficient to alert about polar bear. France and I are now finishing preparing Vagabond for the winter, setting up the weather station, and explaining everything to Mark. In the mean time, the 4 young guides on training are walking around with their instructor Erik, and preparing their trip back on foot to a more inhabited place.

We reached the East coast of Spitsbergen during Sunday to Monday night, looking at very nice northern lights. The sea became better and better, allowing us to do some sea profiles with the CTD, and to watch a killer whale before entering Inglefield's bay. A polar bear was waiting for us on the snowy beach, like last year when we discovered this very nice and protected bay, where Vagabond is about to spend a second winter.