Vagabond is ready for the winter, well anchored in her shelter also with ropes to shore. Our 5 nice friends left yesterday to Svea, the closest inhabited place, which they should reach on foot within 3 days. Mark, France and I walked with them to the glacier, where some left over from a seal, recently eaten by a polar bear, made our 3 dogs really happy. Then we could watch 5 or 6 belugas passing slowly few meters from us, near the glacier front. Wonderful.

The helicopter is expected this morning with the 2 dogs of Marina and Mark, their dog houses, and some equipment. France and I will leave Vagabond, then given to Mark and the 5 dogs. Marina will come few days later, having a lift with another helicopter flight.

After 15 months away from France, we are happy to come back for few weeks, to see our families and friends, and to take part to the Adventure Film Festival in Dijon in 3 days!