Because of bad weather (icing), the helicopter had to turn back on Sunday morning. Yesterday, conditions were better, and the Dauphin from Airlift landed close to the dogs, scaring away a polar bear who has been eating a seal for the last few hours. We went across heavy brash ice with the dinghy, carrying our bags to shore, then it was time to take off, the pilots didn't want the polar bear to approach the helicopter. Strange feeling for France and me when leaving Vagabond, great and quick flight to Longyearbyen, where we met briefly Marina. She will join Mark, Vagabond, and the 5 dogs within 1 or 2 days. At the moment, the polar bear is probably back, finishing his seal! On our side, after a stop in Oslo, we are already in France, surprised with the warm weather, the trees, the crowd... forgotten since summer 2004.

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