Bonne récolte

5 days busy with Hervé, Fred, Tonio and Torbjorn, who left today, not long after a polar bear passed near Vagabond. Despite the heavy snow falls and not cold enough temperatures, despite getting stuck many times with the snowmobiles, a good work has been done. Successful first results with the Ice T, a new instrument to measure ice thickness from underneath; conditions were not good to let me dive to do some more calibrations, but Tonio could enjoy the hole that has been prepared carefully to have a look at the hidden side of the ice (water temperature: -1,9°C !). The currentmeter recorded any movements of the water, at every depth, during 4 days, and the CTD was sent 27 times down to 90m during a tide cycle. Every evening on board, cachaça and prune were necessary to do good analysis of the results.