Un air de vacances

Yesterday was fantastic. Great sunshine, around zero temperatures in the morning, perfect conditions for diving. A frozen regulator did not allow me to explore much under the ice, but after several free dives, I could collect some shrimps for the aperitif. Skiing afternoon, a lot of snow, becoming lighter later in the day, while temperature was decreasing down to -19C. Back to the boat around 11pm, wonderful sky, characteristic of this cold air. But the dogs, starving after so much efforts in the snow, were disappointed because the box with their food was frozen. It is snowing again this morning, temperature rose up to -5, stomachs are full now.

IMB's antenna, damaged by a polar bear, was repaired few days ago. The instrument is working fine, but data are still not transmitted, neither position, so we will have to recover it before ice breaking up, not to loose it.