Dernière tentative motoneige

After a good reconnaissance yesterday, Stefano will try one last time to come from Longyearbyen with my 2 substitutes, and to pick up Hervé and all the scientific equipment. For my part, I'm getting ready to ski back to town, after giving instructions for 2 or 3 days, because my snowmobile's suspension is broken. The machine will stay here over the summer, hoping that it will resist to unavoidable polar bear visits... While waiting, we enjoy fantastic weather and hard snow thanks to the below zero temperatures for the last 3 days. Best conditions for skiing with the dogs. Hervé organised as much as he could the shipping of every instruments, and I also could do a CTD from the ice edge, watching a magnificent eider ducks flight. Being now close to open water, as we expected it, brought us some more visitors yesterday. A young determined polar bear, then a big male more careful, and few hours later, the young followed by the big male. 4 bangers were enough to delimit our te rritory, but my snowmobile seat has again been damaged!