Voeux de Jean-Claude Gascard

"The third year of the Damocles project will be extremely important for the success of the project. Following the past summer event with an exceptional sea-ice retreat that was not really predicted we are facing a lot of important issues involving both models and observations. The Damocles General Assembly in Oslo was a good opportunity to make a real evaluation of what we did and what we need to accomplish. The meetings in San Francisco were also a good occasion to strengthen our link with American partners. There will be a workshop in Iceland in February concerning NWP and how Damocles can improve weather predictions in the Arctic, and a second workshop in the USA in March concerning Arctic Observing Network.

Also field works will be an important aspect with the spring operations in Fram Strait with KV Svalbard (iAOOS Norway) and north of Canada (Eureka) with air logistics and during summer with multiple ice breakers operations from Sweden, China, Russia and Germany and open water ships operating in the Norwegian Sea and around Spistbergen. Tara left the Arctic Ocean early on December 2007 and she is now drifting north of the Greenland Sea at about 77°N and 7°W still frozen in ice and drifting with the East Greenland Current. The russian NP 35 drifting station is progressing well on the southern flank of the transpolar drift. Vagabond is again (the fourth wintering) in place in Storfjord since last September 2007 and will continue some of the routine measurements we had at Tara.

The next Damocles General Assembly will be in Sopot (Poland) from November 24 to 28, 2008.

I wish you all and Damocles an excellent year." Jean-Claude Gascard, project leader.