Tarte aux pommes

While Léonie, France and I are getting ready to travel to Vagabond with snowmobiles, with Alan and Daniel, here are the latest news from Inglefield's bay: "The calm, warm weather from New Year's eve continued for couple of days, but not even the small rain put us down... that just makes the snow even better to work with. The result was the biggest snowman of the whole East Coast... and lot of other snow things. Zodiak got also his part and now he has a fancy snow wall to protect him. This one is so strong after few days of minus degrees that even the biggest polar bear we have seen so far could not destroy it. Imiaq, Jin and Frost didn't get snow wall because they would have destroyed them faster than we can build. We have tried to make the dogs a bit less energetic by sledging and skiing everyday. The track around the boat is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Yesterday, even Imiaq was laying down in the snow after the trip. We have noticed that since we started the sledging, the dogs have also been a bit more quiet, except when there is a bear, which has been more often during the last few days. Even though the dogs are quiet, it is not quiet in the bay. The ice is making the sounds like in video games while tides lift and low icebergs close by... or in war when the ice bangs around the boat. Now the apple pie is ready." Sanna and Fabrice