Patience, patience!

Patience! No other behaviour would be better at the moment in this part of the white world. Here nature has the supreme monopole on the elements. No differences between wintertime when planning a scooter trip or summertime when getting ready for a sailing trip, from town all departures are well respected. Hardly the arrivals. Albarquel had to sail back right before South Cap of Spitsbergen because of the strong winds. She got a shelter in Hornsund. After several days, the ketch is finally about to leave again. At the same time, some of the ice in Storfjord broke up. Sailing far for the drifting pack will be her challenge. In Inglefieldbukta, I keep waiting and enjoy that the polar bears are coming back. It's like watching a local TV. Live transmission! Does this come back announce a soon breaking-up? +1.4°C inside my binoculars (Sébastien Barrault)