Ça sent les écuries!

Home, sweet home! France, Eric and Léonie left Longyearbyen on board Albarquel on Tuesday end of afternoon. This ketch was in the old days used for salt transportation along the Portuguese coast. Now she is heading south of Spitsbergen before entering in Storfjorden. Ice conditions are not ideal. The sea ice is still dense in the north-west part of the fjord. The sailing yacht might sail along the west coast of Edgeøya and Barentsøya. She will land most likely at about 30 km from Vagabond early this weekend. If the ice is safe enough, the crew will be transferred on it. The forecasted winds might not break the sea ice soon. At the moment the ice is like a puzzle. The main piece which keeps all together is hidden among many floes. If this little piece could detach, the sea ice could break up over several kilometres in a couple of hours only. +2.1°C when dreaming about a warm shower (Sébastien Barrault)