Début du 5ème hivernage !

  • Briser la glace

It took about 30 hours to cover the last 300 meters. When we arrived Sunday morning at Inglefield Bay, after a very nice trip from Hornsund, ice was too thick and too hard to reach the usual mooring position. Vagabond was suck. Dogs could be taken down to shore on foot, very excited to found their dog houses again, and to smell polar bears, which we saw only very new tracks so far. While coming back to the boat, ice broke up under Amélie's feet, and Hervé's suit was getting water inside! Our replacing team has been quickly baptised. The next day in the afternoon, some leads in pack ice allowed us to force our way through, breaking up 15 to 20 cm of ice, engines at high speed. The anchor was dropped for more than 9 months, and now Vagabond is slowly becoming a hut.