Seuls pour 3 mois

  • Amelie Nael Herve seuls pour 3 mois

While I was giving the last instructions, Friday morning, a polar bear was passing along the shore, peacefully. Dogs saw him before and, happily, could get him away from the big tent newly set up, which will soon protect the helium balloon for weather soundings. While the polar bear was sleeping close by, Alan and I left Vagabond, quietly. Some seal remains were showing that the animal was full! 3 days of walk were needed to reach the coal mine of Svea. First to cross the 3 glaciers Inglefield, Nordsyssel, and Edvard, well covered with snow but with many small rivers still running, amazingly for the season (very unpleasant freezing footbaths...). Then to go down the long and large Kjellstrom valley. Ice, bare, was then thick enough to walk on it, although it was very impressive to hear and see water running below our feet! No more snow there, blown away by the wind. Sunday evening, Alan and I met the civilised world again... On board Vagabond, Hervé, Amélie and Nael are alone for almost 3 months.