Apprendre à marcher sur des oeufs

  • Embacle

"Waiting the thick ice, there're different possibilities to rally the dry land. We get more or less time according to options. First one is very easy with the open water. We just have to follow the rope from the boat to the shore. That becomes complicated when the young ice is formed, not enough solid to walk on it but dense enough to prevent the dinghy to go ahead. In this case, the distance of fifty meters as far as Vagabond can become very long. We have to pull, to push, to break the ice with a pickaxe. The third way requires a lot of caution. Dressed with a waterproof suit, we walk very slowly on the ice, pulling the dinghy with Nael on board. No icy bath for the moment! Then, we see bears passing close to us with their kindly and confident walk. The first light comes at 10 AM and disappear at 3 PM. In any case, our days are organised according to the weather. We do soundings with the balloon when the wind is weak and otherwise, we widen little and little the perimete r of our walks with dogs, admiring some majestic landscapes." Amélie and Hervé