Quand la baie d'Inglefield se transforme en marmite bouillonnante.

  • Tente inondee coup de vent

"When Inglefieldbukta has turned into a foaming pot. Six days ago, during the night, a gale force wind and a dense pack ice made the anchor loose. The boat came close to shore. We went powerless to do anything faced with the power of nature, waves and ice pieces covering a big part of the moraine. Dogs had their paws wet, surprised to see the boat so closed to them. We had waited the rising tide to start engines and we had been lucky to manage to get the boat out of this very delicate situation. The next day, several hours have been necessary to put the mooring in order again. Shortly after, an another gust of wind, but from the other direction, let the pack cleared away at an incredible speed. For the moment, all is calm in Inglefieldbukta. We are taking advantage to have a bit of rest preparing ourself to live some new adventures." Amélie and Hervé