Ma première "expédition"

  • Nael et Tiksi

"My name is Nael, I'm five. To be on Vagabond is my first expedition with dad and mum. Around us, there are some mountains, a glacier. I see a lot of bears and one day, during a walk, one followed us and when he saw us closer, he quickly ran away. I saw an Arctic fox too, running at the edge of the fjord. On land, I ski, I play with snow. I like to take care of dogs and at mealtimes, we have to tell them to seat down and to wait. Imiak is the greedier, Frost always gives me cuddles. On board, I do some school work, I draw, do DIY, cook and sweep up the snow on the deck. I like to learn sailor's things as knots for example. I'm happy to be here because the landscape is so nice. Sometimes, I miss my family and Belle my dog, I would like to eat some fries made by granny. The most beautiful thing that I see is polar lights, it's like magic..." Nael