L'heure du silence

"No more sound, no more movement: all is motionless around us since the full moon appeared to light up the bay. There's only during the day the song of dogs in unison in the style of wolfs and the sound of the windmill rotating more or less quickly. Even the glacier, as a giant being petrified by the cold, is now silent. So, we have passed from a sailor lifestyle to a polar one, exchanging our rubber boots for some big and insulating ones. The ice is now thick enough (about 20 cm) to walk on with no risk. With the formed pack ice, polar bears, which we saw every days, unfortunately are becoming scarce and we see one from time to time only. Otherwise, we have found our rhythm and for the moment, to live in the polar night isn't a real problem, and certainly not for Nael who sleeps round the clock every night!" Amélie