Entre chien et loup

  • Vagabond fin novembre 2008

"Between dog and wolf. In French, this expression means the twilight. We have this kind of light during few hours far away in the south, when the sky is clear until two o'clock in the afternoon. So the night is not always completely dark. We can see mountains outlined in the sky. The landscape changes every days depending on the fallen snow, the wind or the colour of the sky and the night intensity. We never feel alone because there is so much to do, to contemplate, to learn, to meditate. A difficult thing to explain is the notion of time, different of the one living in the society. In fact, if we shouldn't have computer or logbook, we should lost the notion of dates. And often, during the day, I wonder what time it is. Passing hours are neither more or less long but different, this is the Arctic time. We are just living at the pace of the nature and it's a great chance!" Amélie